Fat People Should Not Wear T-Shirts

It’s ok to be fat. It’s your choice and it’s unhealthy and it’s because of you, not some hereditary fatness. Yes, there are some people out there who have conditions but be honest and admit if you’re not one of those and instead like to sacrifice at the alter of Saturated Fats.

But here’s the thing, nobody likes it when they are subjected to blubber invading their personal space. Fatties, have you ever noticed that when you stand beside a seated person, be they friend or not, they will prefer to look everywhere else rather than at the purilent layers of congested overflow that are already within the 12inches-or-less levels of ‘too close’? Sweaty, greasy and smothering are the words shouting inside that poor person’s mind “KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME!!”

This is just one occasion where less is difficult for you to achieve but is way better than the alternative of more. So be very aware of your clothing. I know some of you are already doing your best and for that I am very grateful but the T shirt is the area I am currently obsessed with.

Take me, for instance. I know that when I stretch up, there is revealed a causeway of rolling flesh large enough to be used as a whale’s puncture repair kit. Eskimo villages could stay warm for many winters using this year long doughnut store. I sincerely wish to spend time negotiating with treadmills and huffing over heavy weights but I cant be arsed. That is why I keep my fat to myself and wear only full cover over the mountainous area around my gut. As should all rotundals. Fatties – hide it away.


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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