Year Released: 1983
Main Stars: A car, a dweeb, victims.
Last watched: February 2011
Number Watches: Twice but I didn’t appreciate the first time.

1957. A car. Red. With Attitude.

1978. Same car. Same attitude.

Starting and ending with Bad to the Bone pins the film’s tone just right. Roberts Blossum as the guy who sells the car to dweeb hero Arnie is wonderful. All the main acting is coolly played and the script, presumably aided or written by Stephen “lord of the scream” King is sharp enough for what is needed, even 36 years on. It’s got vague film quality graininess but that doesn’t distract from the fun.

There’s a lull between Christine being bought and the thugs attacking her. Then it kicks into life, just as Christine shows her true demonic colours. The size of American cars of that type is truly awesome and gives incredible presence so the forces unleashed are big, bold and beautifully crimson. From Christine’s self mutilation to fireball Christine to cars throwing cars – it’s wonderfully overstated horror-pantomime. Carpenter and King, says it all, right?

It has to be said that Kelly Preston is also a top notch girly. I don’t tend to like shallow glamour pussies and Kelly gives off an older, more assured aura. Helps she looks good too.

Incidental music reminds of me of both Fright Night and, at times, Terminator but most of all it’s an obvious Halloween scary sound. Not surprising when you think of it.

Is it wrong to side with Christine? An elemental force that never stops. Let’s face it; this is Terminator without a mission.

Will there be a sequel? Nah, should never happen. Keep it original. Actually don’t think there’s enough to put in a sequel that hasn’t been done in every other movie since.


Keep DVD?
I’d only want to see the extras, wouldn’t want to keep the DVD. Leave a few years between watches, as there isn’t much to find on extra viewings. Worth going back to though as still gives a good vibe.
Watch if on TV?
Wouldn’t record on TV unless not watched for a while.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog but probably only briefly and might be careful not to annoy when breaking up.


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I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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