The Rock

Year Released: 1996
Main Stars: Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris
Last watched:
March 2011
Number Watches: Maybe four times now.

I don’t like Nicholas Cage’s very samey, crap acting. Never understood why he got to where he is until I heard about his family connections. But, as with Con Air, I cant remember ever disliking this film. It’s not deep, not difficult and is the whole Americans Saving the Free World – which is actually just America.

Nic is very much his goofy self; Sean seems to be enjoying his anti-bond role and keeps at least a modicum of presence for the good guys. Ed Harris is always very serious and believable and the supporting cast make a good job of this romp.

There isn’t much to it and you just have fun watching everyone run around the strange, vaguely Indiana Jones style sets with fire and water spewing everywhere. No great thriller or intrigue, all very obvious, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ they get through it, just a matter of how the situations resolve and who has the most angst afterwards. Usually Nick.

At times the soldiers are not very good at shooting but this is the Hollywood.

It’s well filmed and the relationship between the main three is really fun, I’d love to see them working together again, perhaps with the director?

One interesting thing is that the violence is total. There really is no compromise for any of the unimportant types. The blood baths, the smashed heads and all sorts of deadness. Maybe not giving in to the non-lethal feel-good A-Team factor is what makes me like it. And Sean swears like he should.

The music sounds like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Major problem with the plot: Sean Connery is said to be from Glasgow. Why? Why do that?

Obviously we get a treacle incite into the US of A moral dilemma during a monologue by the president near the end of the film. It’s not necessary and brings everything down as is always the way with yukky American film sentimentalism.

Then there’s the final scene. Am I wrong thinking this is a reference to Apocalypse now? Need to watch that film again.


Keep DVD?
Got it on DVD, can’t seem to give it up. Extras are ok but not worth watching twice. Ed Harris is a fecking serious actor.
Watch if on TV?
Maybe not watch on TV but might put the DVD on at Christmas.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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