Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Year Released: 1989
Main Stars: Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliot
Last watched: 24th April 2011
Number Watches: 3 or 4

As we were watching it, my wife pointed out that these films don’t date. I suddenly realised it too. She meant as compared to the other films of the time like Romancing the Stone. Ok, 5 years different but the same kind of plastic wrap nonsense is being made nowadays, just ‘for tv’ instead of the big screen.

My feeling is that it’s all down to the director and let’s face it, Speilberg knows his stuff. An excellent cast and an eye for details has been fashioned well into the glossy, real-effect romp you’d expect.

It’s a darn sight better than the Temple of Doom 5 years before, no idea why that one was made in which Shortstop was a bit like Jarjar Binks from a certain film some time later. Strangely, in Last Crusade there are a lot of references to the first Indy film but none that I noticed for Temple of Doom. Hmmm…

The inclusion of Sean in this series lifted the plot and the ‘feel’ back to that of the first one although, as I remember when Last Crusade came out, it felt like this was a last ditch attempt to get back to the dusty, accident prone, first-flm Indy in good settings with high quality acting. It worked here but still doesnt beat Raiders.

Like a good meal at a restaurant you’ve been to many times before, here is a plate of what you want served the way you expect and with a side order of exquisite tasting garlic bread. Not a new menu but one you can trust. Just hope they don’t try to dig up Indy after this one as he should now rest in archaeological peace.

What’s that? They made another one? Surely not! Was it crap?

Keep DVD?
Keep. I could watch this again and feel comfortable.
Watch if on TV?
I did. It’s not the one of the Indy films I’d always choose but every so often it’s worth a go.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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