Police Story 2

Year Released: 2008
Main Stars: Jackie Chan and his crew
Last watched: 25th April 2011
Number Watches: 3 or 4. I think one of these was a fast-forward to the stunts.

A while since I’ve seen this and I’d forgot how fast the fights and stunts are. Jackie is a master of choreography, not just for fights but all timing.

Don’t expect a gripping thriller or high intrigue. It’s one of life’s problems that Jackie’s earlier films had rubbish plots, bad acting, lousy scripts and a complete lack of depth but hidden in the mire are incredible stunts and it’s all smothered by a feeling of wonderful naivety, almost made for kids but violent. Dont know if part of that is my Western film culture arrogance. Perhaps if his Asian audience hadn’t taken to this format then he might never have become the star in Eastern cinema that made him an icon everywhere else.

If Hollywood was in charge we wouldn’t have seen his like as they would never have agreed to any of the insurance claim inducing gags. The playground scene, for instance, would have no real equivalent in American filmmaking. .

Maybe be ready to fast-forward to the stunts. I mean, Jackie himself seems to be a good actor, not too hammy like every one of his co-stars, but it’s almost heart breaking how awful the script is. Equally cringworthy are the locations. Oh, and try not to notice the music, if you can call the random notes of dread and nursery rhyme plinky-plinky nice bits music.

One big problem with these films is that the dubbed voices sound like they just came from a kiddies program so the ‘lost in translation’ effect can deaden what might be an effective scene although I realise that sounds a bit like an excuse for awful dialog scenes.

Ok, just watch the stunts, everything else is pretty dire. I feel like I’m betraying a friend by saying this but it’s a crap film really.

Keep DVD?

Don’t know. I’d probably get as many Jackie Chan movies in a box set as possible.
Watch if on TV?
Depending on the mood. Try to always get the endcredits though as that’s were the stunt fails are shown.
Snog, Marry or Avoid?
Friends only. Snog if drunk.


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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