The Bourne Identity

Year Released: 2002
Main Stars: Matt Damon
Last watched: March / April 2011
Number Watches: 3

I would watch this time and again. The violence is real, the car chases are amazing and there is no glorifying anything, it just is what it is.

Matt Damon found his calling with this character and the German girl sidekick is really good too. The government guys are a little rubbish with their gun work but at least the sleeper baddies are as exhaustive as Matt. They seem trained to think, not be fodder.

The locations are a little restricted for this one but it kinda makes sense since Matt wants to find out who he is and stay in the places he thinks he can find out.

It was a Bond killer of its time – not Bond but almost a story of the programmed baddy Bond might encounter and how he could be who he is.

But that’s putting this movie down as it has really stood up well and continues to do so. Many have tried the same innocent hard man act – e.g. Hollywood cliché Die Hard – but not with the European straight forward direction of Bourne Identity. The other Bourne films were able to come along years later and walk the same path as this one without any competition so shows how much of a force of nature this is.

This is like watching the charge of horsemen in some Chinese war or a soldier on an assault course showing everyone how it should be done whilst carrying the two weakest of the team on his back and being attached to a large elastic band that you just know he is going to snap cause he’s so darned tough.

Oh, yes. You might have guessed by now. I like this film.

 Update:  bluray extras: Loads. mostly a doc On Robert Ludlum himself but after that the cohesion of these extras falls apart, still tons to watch but not enjoyable. mere a bit of a chore.

Keep DVD?
Have it on DVD and will watch it again.
Watch if on TV?
Had to watch it on TV when it was on just now. Something else I was watching got to the adverts and I absentmindedly switched channels. Never got back to the other film, just kept watching the Damon-train smash through until the smiley ending.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Marry and cook for.


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