The Day the Earth Stood Still

Year Released: 1951
Main Stars: big guy and Klatu the robot
Last watched: 24th April 2011
Number Watches: 3

Modern. Not up to date sci fi effects and stuff and certainly not hip hop music score but the points its trying to get across are still pretty fresh and have been seen in most recent movies.

  1. Alien is technologically advanced and much more powerful and still remains a good guy.
  2. Humans only know violence and cant get on with each other
  3. Humans fear and attack that which they cannot understand
  4. Oh, and there’s always an innocent misunderstanding that makes it all very edgy.


There’s a nice point about the media not wanting to hear about the good stuff as well. Gee, that’s all changed, hasn’t it??

Part of the fun is that this really is a universal alien as he has no inclination to talk to the American president, he’d rather contact leaders of all nations at the same time. When was the last time you saw that?

Probably wasn’t intended this way but there’s a massive innocence throughout as if the messages are more important than the scifi. Only one character is OTT and that’s Tom, the upright guy who turns out to be in it for himself. The blaggard!

Iconic films in black and white litter the scifi timeline and this one has the military, a ufo and everything. At this time I haven’t watched the remake yet and after re-watching this one I have no intention of doing so. Why reinvent the wheel? It might be a bit old fashioned but its still got a place in my heart.

“Klatu Verada Nickto.” You must remember those words.


Keep DVD?
Don’t know, depends on the extras.
Watch if on TV?
Well, I did! Not sure how many times I’d do so but your kids should seek it out.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Make gooey eyes with and dissolve into soft focus.


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I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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