Silent Running

Year Released: 1972
Main Stars: Two robots, an bug-eyed space ship and Bruce Dern looking mad.
Last watched: 2010
Number Watches: 3

I searched everywhere for this and then started finding it in HMV and the like but for £7 which is £4 too much in my book for an old film. But time went on and I forgot my DVD-buying rules. Don’t start having a go at me for that – we all have those kind of rules it’s just that I’ve gone and said this one out loud. You’re bound to have your own version of the “What? How can they charge that price for this?” rule that will be twinned with the “oh, ok, but only this once” special clause.

So I bought it and watched it and I know for sure that I paid too much.

Some of us remember when SciFi was coming of age with Star Wars and Superman and the like. When SciFi became a cool thing again and was embraced by the main stream. This was released in the small hippy era just before that and when I got into the movie scene (man) I liked seeing all these Karazy ideas but I should have never gone back to it. Like an old school, you realise the fond memories are just of the feelings you had around you in that place at that time and when you go back you break the bubble of those memories.

Huey and Dewey are still great and I found myself fascinated to work out how they were done. Really good robots if a bit impractical. Poor, unnamed Luey.

The idea is sound enough in scifi world terms but the direction and especially the music are very much ‘of their time.’

Nope, shouldn’t have messed with the memory bubble.

DVD extras are no great shakes.

Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?
Maybe… no, never go back.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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