Citizen Kane

Year Released: 1941
Main Stars: Orson Wells
Last watched: May 2011
Number Watches: 1 plus 2 or 3 bits of watches


It’s an epic, as much for it’s chopping back and forth through Kane’s life as it is for the two hours it takes to get to the well-known punchline.

Films and radio shows are art that flows and, unlike paintings or sculpture, this art can date very easily. Citizen Kane is a classic, sure, and has qualities that are stunning. But I’m not here to be sycophantic. A film is only as good as it looks when you watch it, not rated based on it’s history or background information.

Of it’s time? Perhaps, although no one seems to have liked CK when it came out. A good, solid production? Yes, definitely. The lighting is amazing. The sets are perfect and the camera work exemplary. I don’t know much about film-noir or other poncy things, I just know I felt almost overly eager to take in the various aspects of almost every scene, from the depth of the sets to the off-kilter angles on the main characters, kind of subliminally drawing you to think about things like the large windows in the background or a single guard standing to one side. Awesome direction.

But was it any good? Kind of. It’s worth having watched this but the music was off putting and as I hinted at earlier the jumping back to re-do some of the scenes became a bit dull.

It probably wouldn’t stand up to an epic that could be made today but the truth is that there are less than a handful well-known films that have this kind of quality in the production and nobody makes this stuff unless there are at least ten explosions or 20 sex scenes – apparently that’s what audiences of today demand.

If I hadn’t watched it, I’d want to. But that’s me. I also had to force myself to read the entire Grimm’s Fairy Tales to prove I could read cultural shit, and some of them were tedious.

This film is really for filmies. It’s well made, a bit slow, lighting incredible but you got to have a reason for watching this before taking it on.

Keep DVD?
Only if I took up a college movie course.
Watch on TV?
I did watch this recently on TV but only to make sure I’d watched it all way through. Wouldn’t do the entire thing again in a hurry
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Avoid. Might blow a kiss but it’s one to look at, not watch, if you get what I mean.


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