The Unborn

Year Released: 2008
Main Stars: no idea. That girl in her white pants staring at a mirror.
Last watched: 2010
Number Watches: 1

 If you’ve seen the poster or the dvd then you know about the girl in her pants. (Pants is used by the British to refer to the undergarments or knickers. Get used to it.) 

Apparently there were a number of different versions of this image explored by the PR people and this was the one they thought best. I concur. She’s got rather nice buttocks. And there’s the reason I bought the dvd. It wasn’t because I’d heard about the movie or someone had told me they loved it. Oh, no. I’d passed by this particular beauty in the cheap buckets for too long.

 So did I expect a lot? Did I flip. I bought the pants movie for cheap so anything else that it did for me would be a gain.

Turned out not to be a particularly big gain but it was better than nothing.

The old horror movies are based on one horrible concept being twisted in ugly ways and The Unborn does just that. Good enough direction and camera work, locations ok, plot as expected. No massive shocks but a few baddies and some – not much – stuff that makes you go “no, I didn’t want to see that.”

Ending was a bit pants and that brings me back to the box. Nothing on the extras but with a cover like that I was tempted to just put it on the wall.

Nah, bit of fun is you’re in the mood to watch TV horror but don’t go and pay for it.

(Pants can also refer to something being a bit rubbish – “it’s pants” = “it’s rubbish”.  Go figure.)

Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?
Perhaps. Sometimes you just need to watch a horror and this one is interesting enough
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog in pants but very carefully in case she has some scary past hiding in the forest!


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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