I Love You, Man

Year Released: 2009
Main Stars: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel (you’d know his face if you watch Seth Rogan stuff)
Last watched: June 2011
Number Watches: 2

“slapa da base, maan!”

This is a funny comedy, not a continuous funny but comfy funny – and no, not all comedies are – and there’s a Rush theme going on as well. Worth a watch and a laugh and if you like the odd “he didn’t say that did he!” moment. A whack off station, for instance.

Not putting these guys down but Seth Rogan is responsible for a lot of people getting known in off beat strange, guy films. That’s the way I look at it anyway. Paul and Jason are from this stock although I’ve seen Paul in other side-kick roles as well. I’ve never seen Paul in a lead role before so it’s interesting to see how he does and I think he shines as the best actor giving a good, believable performance.

Not a big movie, if you know what I mean, it’s not going to win massive acclaim but it’s comfortable once you get over the “is he gay” feeling of Paul’s character in the early parts of the plot and the shallow reach of the main concept.

Some good scenes but the main fun is from the awkward character relationships. Works for me although I could understand that it’s not for eveyone. Feels small budget so if you don’t expect much I think you’ll enjoy yourself.

DVD extras are honest and good fun and it’s especially fun watching Paul’s outtakes although they’re not as good as those on Knocked Up. The music rocks.

Keep DVD?
For a while this was on my get-rid-of DVD pile and it was close to being given away but I’m now going to watch it again to make sure. It’s on the edge of being chucked but I cant let the Rush vibe go!
Watch if on TV?
Yeah, man, unless I got some other rock stuff going on.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog with a backdrop of Tom Sawyer and Spirit of the Radio


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