Aliens (Alien 2)

Year Released: 1986
Main Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Lance Henrikson, Aliens, the soundtrack.
Last watched: May 2014
Review Date: August 2014
Number Watches: 3 or 4 complete
Format Watched: TV / DVD

Game over man!”
“They mostly come out at night…mostly”
“Get away from her, you bitch!”

Let’s see:

aliens? check.
space ships? check.
broody music? check.
spooky corridors? check.
discovery of slime to indicate a teensy problem near by? check.

So is this not Alien all over again? Heck, no.

Comparing Aliens to Alien is like comparing Full Metal Jacket to Apocalypse Now (or a Mars Bar to a Twix!)
They are in the same arena fighting the same battle (or bought for the chocolate and chewyness) but have totally different look and feel. Yes, same tunnel headed bad guy in need of a manicure and an extremely absorbent paper towel face mask. But here we already know what the horror lurking in the cupboard is and we have fire-power that can take the mother-yuky-alien down. It’s just a matter of how, where and who will survive.

Here we have marines who trade bravado insults and get off on it. We have a ‘civilian’ who knows everything and we have some other parts taken by bystanders who help in varying degrees. Where Alien was a big space effects movie with lashings of suspense, this one – Aliens – is a big explosions movie with heart-thumping chases and wide-eyed last-minute escapes. Mostly.

At the time it came out I thought it was comparible to Terminator versus Terminator 2. First film is a single idea, second is about big budget explosions and sets. Ok, that’s where the comparison ends but you see what I mean. Make the follow up as different as you can and it will become a film for it’s own right and not just a cash-in.

Acting in these things is hard to assess as it’s way down the list of priorities but I think  90% of the cast are spot on for what’s needed.

It’s a good, fun film with a few duff scenes and some predictable bits – actually quite a lot of predictable bits – and I’d choose the first movie over this one any time.

A word to the unseen star of Aliens. It’s the same one who appeared in the first movie: the soundtrack. The slow music powerfully underlines the suspense without you even noticing and the fast stuff gives an extra rush of urgency. Fantastic job.

I have the DVD but haven’t watched it yet so don’t know about any extras. Will get back when I do.

Have now seen the DVD and it’s still a good movie. Very dated CGI but still watchable.
DVD Extras: Loads of behind the scenes but obviously no gag reel. Good catch up with the cast though who all acknowledge their career paths since making it.

Keep DVD?

Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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