How To Train Your Dragon

Year Released: 2010
Main Stars: Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson
Last watched: February 2011
Number Watches: 1

The wife was looking unhappy one night. I think her work was dull that day or something. Anyway, I searched through the cable movies available and picked this cartoon thinking, hey, it’s a cartoon, might be a bit of fun.

Well, how wrong was I? It’s great fun! Don’t get over excited, it’s not another Invincibles but it has some moments and some good animation. Good for adults and kids alike and has enough cute to go with the funnies.

Keep DVD?
Possibly. Might be good for a while.
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


About Simon Trail

There has long been a tradition that a knight will show a crest and / or motto of his family. I shall endeavour to provide such a distinguishing and immediately descriptive thingy over my management of this site. Please be patient. Or Doctor if you're David Tennent.
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