The Man In The Iron Mask

Year Released: 1998
Main Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Gérard Depardieu, John Malkovich, Gabriel Byrne, Jeremy Irons
Last watched: June 2011
Number Watches: 1

This is pish. For anyone who does not know what that means, it signifies that this film smells and tastes like urine.

A cast of greats  have been thrust into this pile of poo. Why? The acting by the non-main actors is rubbish and the rest look like they cant be bothered. Oh, some shouting goes on to pretend some emotions are being acted but it’s all dreadful. Even ham-acting from the main men is half hearted.

The crowd scenes are appalling. Throwing some some mince on a pavement would look more realistic.

Why do some actors have french accents and others dont?

Is the lighting to blame for some of the bad feelings I have for this incredulous waste of time? It’s a dark plot but everything is in bright light.

I suspect the director gave this one to his dog to shoot since it’s such a dog’s dinner.

Don’t waste your time. It’s almost a made for TV movie or made in parts for a TV series but even then, this is still less fun than a rat eating your fun bits.

Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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