The Mexican

Year Released: 2001
Main Stars: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, him from The Sopranos, Gene Hackman
Last watched: June 2011
Number Watches: 2 ish

Brad is great in this and the Fisher King. A wee bit mad and a lot confused. Everyone else is really good in their roles as well.

The direction must have been great since there are only a few films that are this good with such a little amount going on in them. There really isnt much more than relationship changes here but it’s weaved through an oddity of locations and quirky twists that don’t really mean much.

For instance: Sitting on the kerb beside the airport discussing the hopes and expectations of life or the dog with the deflated football that keeps appearing beside Brad.

The cast and the script as well as the wonderful camera work and direction make this a very good film indeed although it’s very likely that the it’s flippant nature have kept people from remembering it much. That and the music score that threatens to cheese it up all too much.

I’ve seen this from about the same place twice so at some point maybe I’ll see the starting half hour and the pistol will make more sense. But it doesnt matter too much as all the little things – old man in white suit, waiting for the phone – are wonderful touches.

The right pace, the right content and the right production. Get some of this and you won’t regret it. It’s a couple of years before Kill Bill but strangely similar filming techniques.
Keep DVD?
Think so.
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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