Filum review quickies

3:10 to Yuma (2007)
A very long engagement Watch. Interesting and a bit strange.
American graffiti Watch. Cracking film. So iconic.
Atonement  Watch. Good film. Well, I liked it anyway.
Black snake moan Watch. Not War and Peace but quirky.
Bladerunner – metal boxset Watch. Hey, this is Bladerunner. Setting the icons and sci-fi standard for grim realistic futures.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Watch. Come on, you have to.
Casablanca Watch and take it all in. This is the big one, make no mistake, there is so much to see you won’t have seen before.
Close encounters of the third kind Watch. A bit undemanding for plot but, boy, the effects and direction are a watch and a half.
Dark city
Don Quixote
First Knight Richard Geer in UK all shiny and everything. Rubbish.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Watch. Funny.
Galaxy quest Watch. Funny.
Ghost In the shell
Golden compass
Hell Boy  Watch. Good monster movie with super hero ways.
Hot fuzz  Watch. Holy funny, batman! Edgar’s zip shots are superb.
Hot shots Watch. Funny.
Ironman Watch. It’s just like the comic and that’s a good thing.
Juno  Watch. such a good performance.
King Kong – the Eighth Wonder of the World (1933)
King Kong (2005)
La reine Margot
Layer cake
Live and let die
Lord Of the rings 1, 2, 3 – separate box sets
Man on fire  Watch. Intense. Worth getting through for Denzel and the kid.
Mission impossible 3  Watch. More like a Bond movie than most Bond movies.
Moulin Rouge Watch. I loved the sexy but whimsical attitude of the plot.
Old boy  Watch. The original. Hard hitting, so iconic.
Philidelphia story
Pirates of the Caribbean  Watch. Captain Jack Sparrow. What’s not to like.
Resident evil – Apocalypse (boxed with Hell Boy)
Role models  Watch. Not bad, funny enough.
Seven pounds  Watch. I kinda liked this. Need to watch again.
Shanghai noon  Watch. Again and again. Brilliant pairing.
Shaun of the dead Watch. Grew on me.
Sin city Watch. Don’t know if I’d like it a huge number of times though. How many times before it’s dull?
Spirited away
Superman returns  Watch. I liked it. Nobody else seems to have though!
The .. brothers – All saints day
The 40 year old virgin Watch. Funny and the song is just superb.
The chronicles of Riddick (box set with serenity)  Watch. Such a Scifi action movie, waiting to be made a cult.
The departed
The fisher king Watch. Strange and appealing.
The living daylights
The punisher (2004) Watch. I think I like violence.
Sixth sense
The sting Watch. The charisma of Paul and Robert is infectious.
The terminator Watch. Iconic. No messing around with sub text.
The world is not enough
Twelve Monkeys Watch. Brad is mad.
Twilight samurai
Zombieland  Watch. Woody Harrelson can act – who knew?!

Children of men Watch. Only watched once and liked it, perhaps not on second viewing?
Fiddler on the roof Watch. Think I might be getting old but I still like this.
Full metal jacket Watch. War without the tea and scones.
Grease Watch. Could I be wrong here? Could it be garbage and I can’t remember it very well?
Hanover Street Don’t watch. Really a bit made for tv.
Heartbreakers Don’t watch. It’s what it is, a bubble gum comedy.
Hot shots! Part Deux Watch. Up there with the first and Airplane.
Identity Watch. A twisty wee tale. Think it would be good as a play.
Max Payne Watch. I thought I’d done with this but I need to check it again.
Night of the living dead Watch. How can anyone miss out on these films? Ok, maybe I should watch it again.
Once upon a time in Mexico Watch. It’s got some class to it and a cult feel that keeps me coming back.
Once upon a time in the west Watch. Each character is definined by his tune and the director is obviously in charge.
One flew over the cuckoo’s nest Watch. I might not like this when I watch it again but for now it’s so iconic I can’t say no.
Robin Hood – Prince of thieves Watch. The tune and the over acting.
Romeo and Juliet (1995) Don’t remember. It must have been riveting
Sense and sensibility (1996) Watch. Well made and charming.
The blues brothers Don’t watch. I will always remember the idea and the brothers but as a film it’s a bit tiring.
The flying daggers Watch. A western in the east with magic and stuff. A long story though and not always interesting.
The jacket Watch. Weird and reminds me of books I read as a kid.
The Rocky horror picture show Watch. Can’t resist this, if only for the songs and outrageous acting, Janet.
Labyrinth Watch if a kid, I did but found it difficult to enjoy again as an adult.
Willow Watch. Jim Henson magic, one to watch.
FILUM memories… long time since seen
Last Orders Watch. Showing up the divas, some big hitters in a low budget, thoughtful look at oldies and memories on a road trip. British film doing the business and showing up the big budgets.

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