Sucker Punch

Year Released: 2011
Main Stars: Vanessa Hudgens and some clearly marginal legal leotards/lingerie.
Last watched: July 2011
Number Watches:1

The girls look good and the dark gloomy comic feel is very obvious. As I’ve seen so many times, the camera is a lens on an artists mind here. Wonderful images and angles.

But it’s really about the steam-punk St Trinians girls with their little tight bodies and their killer attitudes. And wow, do those outfits look good. Real good. However the combination little pleated skirts and pig tails reminds me a bit too closely (and worryingly) of real schoolies. Seems a conscious effort to provide the girl-power element with a more convincing slant, a reason for the action to take place, but ends up unbalancing the effect, for me anyway.

Didnt buy in to the baddies in the real world. Just a bit dull and 2D. And the posters were a big hype that was not at all lived up to. There’s much more thought needed that the feisty girls with a robot on display in the cinema foyer. Bit miffed about that since I couldn’t concentrate on the girls sluttiness as much as I wanted. Grrr, damn that intellectual script writing thing.

But was my attention sustained? No. Wanted to get to the cut away action more than the plot.


Keep DVD?
Maybe one or two watches more but it’s a bit slow to keep me excited. Sorry, girls. 
Watch if on TV?
Yes. The girls look gooooud. However I’d wander to the kitchen for cups of tea during the boring bits.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog whoe heartedly when the missus isnt in. Although I think she liked the outfits too…


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I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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