Year Released: 2007
Main Stars: Stephen Dorff, Sean Pertwee, Jamie Murray from The Hustle, her from Commitments – Bronagh Gallagher.
Last watched: July 2011
Number Watches: 1

Somewhere else I’ve said I didnt believe horror movies were made with the same humour as they used to be, e.g. like Reanimator. This one is back to that type of nonsense and quite good fun because of it.

There’s a mad killer, sexy girl and weirdo side people stuck in a seemingly never ending labyrinth – who could ask for more?

Really good dialog and freaky acting make this a good candidate for cult status. So why havent you heard of it? No idea. Maybe it’s too small and not funny enough? Budget is low looking but not crippling and thedirector’s done a good job.

The killer is worth waiting for and the security guard is funny.

Not a keeper and you won’t be quoting any of it but a good fun death-filled movie. Oh, and the start is a good way to clear your palate before the dark action begins.

Keep DVD?
No. And extras were non-existant.
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Bloody snog.


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