In The Line Of Fire

Year Released: 1993
Main Stars: Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich.
Last watched: July 2011
Number Watches: 3

“I know things about pidgeons”

There’s something about an old actor taking a role where the character is starting to realise they are too old. A lot of the time they then end up being super heroic oldies who ‘prove the youngsters wrong one more time’ and, being honest, that’s what this is as well. But Clint does it so well. He really is feeling his age and showing it too.

John is good as the baddie because he’s so incredibly scary. He really does spit when he’s getting angry! Here that works to his advantage and both he and Clint are superbly balanced for script and acting. It’s a joy to watch even though some of the early scenes have a very CGI Clint protecting the Prez.

Platitudes over, there isnt much to the story that hasnt been done before and if it was two other actors it would probably end up being ‘made for TV.’ There’s no thrill from any twists and turns, more through the sheer charisma of the main guys. Rene Russo is in it too but not for any good reason.

I watched this recently, 2011, and the 18 years has been kind. Could have been made today if the film quality was better. Still a good watch.

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