Names should be sectioned off by age band.

Have you ever heard of a strange book called ‘Baby Names’ ? I found it in Waterstones and read the beginning and end, there was no need to bother with the bit in between since I didnt think there would be many plot twists. The problem is that I didnt find anything but adult names there. Where are the baby ones? Bibbles, Maisey-waisey, Oogles?

THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS BABY NAMES EXCEPTING THAT A BABY IS GIVEN A NAME! Am I supposed to believe there is an age where someone gets a teenager name? Obvious split there but what about a grown up name? Or a middle-aged name?

How about we do a sort of Logan’s Run style name calling where we are forced to change names at certain points in our lives?

Think about it. There could be a nick-name stage where we get names voted by our peers but then we only have a limited number of years with this, or perhaps until we get a real job. Or we could have seasonal names? Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring names. What a laugh that would be!! Sleeping with Linzi-Twoboobs one month and she doesnt exist the next!! Not a great example I know but you get the picture. Or name, as it were.



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I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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