Ranting Out Loud Alone

So the wife’s away and I’m in the house alone. Naturally, I start to get myself angry at bosses past and present and end up having a shouting match out loud with no-one, only shopping when i realise the curtains are open and a small dog is extremely confused about the strange man gesticulating in his front room. What’s up with that? Really, what’s going on there? Is this some part of growing old nobody told me about? Am I going to end up shuffling along the street with a three wheeled shopping trolley, muttering to myself and randomly shouting “BEANS! GET OFF MY LAND!” at scared passers-by? I think there may be some pent-up resentment about not winning the lottery yet. Its all the fault of everyone in authority and with money and with big houses and stuff like that. I should try not bathing for a week then rolling in mud before standing in the middle of a shop and fingering a half eaten bar of dairymilk, see if I’m missing out on something.


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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