Rush Hour

Year Released: 1998
Main Stars: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, her from Batteries Not Included, some other dudes, a bad, nasty bad guy.
Last watched: October 2011
Number Watches: 5

“I dont care about him, I dont care about you, all I care about is the little girl.”

“War – hu – what is it good for?  Absolutely nuuuthing.”

“Let me show your goofy ass how to do this.”

America finally got Jackie Chan and this is the result. There have been other films but this one hit the spot and is still a smart, fun ride over 14 years on.

Chris is smooth and fast-mouthed and a perfect side-kick funny guy who gets most of the good lines. Together with a plot taken directly from Jackies other movies – good cop has to fight hard to do the right thing but he does so and beats the very obvious bad guy – Rush Hour will continue to be enjoyable for some time to come.

The let down in these things is the American acting. Perhaps there is never a good budget or maybe some actors dont think it’s good enough but the US and European acting is usually pretty poor. Maybe the writters dont know how to include non-eastern characters. Whatever the reason, it doesnt mar the ride too much, even with such a sacharine ending.

I guess I should warn you not to expect too much plot. And dont forget to stay till the end where you get to see the usual Jackie outtakes.

Keep DVD?
Yes. I’d happily watch this every Christmas along side Die Hard and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Definate Snog, probable marraige. Good god! Say it again!


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