War Games

Year Released: 1983
Main Stars: Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy, John Wood
Last watched: October 2011
Number Watches: 1

“Greetings, Professor Falken…..How about a nice game of chess?”

Oh, how I didnt like this when it came out (Yes, I am that old, thank you). It was the closest thing to TV movie as I could think of. I was into action and other-world sci-fi, neither of which are involved here. I was also into computers at the time so a lot of the flashing lights and beep-beep noises did my head in. And what’s with Matthew Broderick as a geek? He is way too cool and good looking for that! No, none of this was good for me.

You could argue this is one of the most obvious sci-fi stories; boy meets computer, boy plays with computer, computer thinks there’s something more and in a delusional state trys to destroy the world. Same old same old. Oh, and computer geek gets the girl. Yeah, right.

But now it all fits. Not because it’s any better, far from it. Time moves on and today this is a piece of obvious slop. But it’s exactly as you know it will be. The title and the knowledge that it’s about computer stuff gives you everything you need to know. And the bells and boops with computers exploding because they ‘think’ too much? It’s all so rubbish it’s great! That is, if you can stand to get through it all. Matthew’s charisma is really all that keeps it going. You need to watch this one if you want the geek-scifi history but it’s also crap if you want a good film.

Do I sound as if I’m taking both sides here? Well, ok, I’ll come off the fence. It’s not worth the hassle. I know a lot of oldies will argue it but you can get better, it’s too old. Maybe they should be remaking it with explosions and usb sticks…


watched on 31st December 2012

I like it. I’ve just read the above review and, yes, yes, it’s a crap movie compared to everything you can get now-a-days but…. damn it, there’s a certain truth about the mechanics of the computer-human interactions and the government dialog is actually quite good. I’ve seen worse. One year on from the first review and I’d have to say I’ve definately seen worse. Perhaps I wanted it to be more glamourous before. Anyway, it’s ok as a simple view of the same problem that Terminator states about relying on technology to make decisions. Mind you, the ending sucks in a big way. People whooping and throwing sheafs of paper around, corny hugs and smirks and lots of electrical sparks when the computer ‘overloads’….. come on.

I’m changing my final ratings but maybe it’s crept up a little from the bottom of the barrel of kak after showing me some glimmer of virtue.

Keep DVD?
I’d like to think there would be a lot of extras now, with documentaries on how this flick affected other films. Even so I doubt I’d keep it.
Watch if on TV?

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Global Thermonuclear Avoid. Past it’s sell by date for me.


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