Year Released: 1968
Main Stars: Jane Fonda
Last watched: December 2011
Number Watches: 2 possibly 3

“My energy box is completely dead”
“All my things are a delight”
“Essence of man”

Purple bunnies, death by budgie, sex by pill, a big machine that plays sex on you until you die! – What is there to say that the film doesn’t say itself? Jane is beautiful and not only wearing skimpy stuff but also sometimes naked. The scifi element is so much a piss-take of itself that there isn’t anything you can say against it. The sixties era is wonderfully described and the only thing missing is a cameo from Austin Powers himself. I kept waiting for a bunch of jiving dancers to appear. It’s like being in a Habitat showroom or that section of Ikea that’s mostly brown and funky.

Jane is obviously the best personality here but it’s difficult to tell if that’s due to the bar being set so low from the rest of the movie. Pastiche of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon are thrown in throughout but it’s all so abstract that nothing really matters except Jane getting it off with everyone.

Alright, what’s the score on this one? I’m watching this from a time as far from the film as I am old – 43 years – and it’s still got a strange pull. I think students would love to go watch this on a Friday night, and surprisingly it could have been made yesterday as a retro film and loads would have flocked around it, honestly!

Watch or not… I’m so not into wasting my time on crap movies but I didn’t regret this one. You need to see this but try to do so with a drink and a friend, preferrably making sure there’s at least one girl in the group for comments on Jane’s outfits.
Keep DVD?
OMG YES! Just having this in the collection would boost your standing in any group.
Watch if on TV?
Yes. Well, tape then watch. Maybe hold back until you’re in the right mood.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog. What else? And not using the pills, doing it the distracting way!


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I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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