Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus

Year Released: 2004

Main Stars: Steve Guttenberg, Crystal Bernard (no, I’d never heard of her either)

Last watched: December 2011

Review Date: December 2011

Number Watches: 1.5 (I won’t admit to more)

Santa wants a wife. Finds wife. There, you don’t need to see it now.

What? You think there’s something more to this? You think it’s not obvious? Here is the celluloid version of a box of chocolates for the ladies during the afternoon on a particularly horrible winter day.

Having said that, I stayed to watch it all the way through once. Perhaps I felt a bit girly. Perhaps. But Crystal is a bit of stuff underneath all the soft focus and eighties hair do. She also has a relaxed acting style that’s very appealing.

Steve is just a leathery, bag of old person. You either vegetate in front of this as I did (was I feeling ill? Can’t remember) or turn over and watch some home video re-run.

It’s classy, mid-afternoon tripe.

Keep DVD?


Watch if on TV?

Not unless you are trying to look fluffy and vulnerable for someone.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?



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