D.O.A. – Dead Or Alive

Year Released: 2006

Main Stars: Jamie Pressley (her from My Name Is Earl), Holly Valance, Eric Roberts, some good looking bodies including Sarah Carter.

Last watched: December 2011

Review Date: December 2011

Number Watches: 1

Astounding wire and computer work along side beautiful girls who like to walk around showing off their midriffs, boobs and bums. Oh, yeah. This should be sooooo good.


Story and sets are straight from a Bruce Lee movie and the only point of the film is about getting fit girls on screen. I’m not putting you off, I can tell. How about – it’s a really, really boring version of Charlies Angels? And I wouldn’t be surprised if the script had been one of the cast offs of that film.

Sarah’s rear is stupendous and Holly is damn fine in a bikini but it’s not enough. The whole thing is only one step up from a TV movie.

Good to colour up a dreary evening but not substantial enough to get into my top 100.

Keep DVD?

Well, there are some outstanding quailities that might be worth watching again in slow motion…

Watch if on TV?

Not gonna get the chance. It’s a rubbish movie and even a bunch of guys would get bored with it.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?

Avoid. Might give it a smooch with the sound off and fast forward at the ready but even then it’s a lot of work.


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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