Mary Poppins

Year Released: 1964

Main Stars: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke

Last watched: December 2011

Review Date: December 2011

Number Watches: 4? no idea! I was a kid most of the time!!


“Step in toime, Mary Poppins!”

Time makes the ordinary into fairy tale and in the movie business there is no richer way to immortalise a children’s story than to make a song and dance of it in technicolor. Put these two facts together and you come up against the giants of the silver screen, a selection of films that will be eternally fun for kids and will always cause the adults in the room to want to sit down and be ten again. Whether you are able to let yourself enjoy such gems is up to you.

Yes, Dick takes some incredible liberties with the accent and the set is overrun with stereo types. However, the standard of the music and dance numbers is well high, the colours and the sets are perfect – maybe because we now know it all so well, but perhaps because every little bowler hat and twee bag of bird seed is as comfy as a blanky on a cold winters night.

Story is limited; it’s all about the adventure. Dick is a bundle of legs and as jumpy as the rest of the dancers. Julie is young and pretty with an undertone of cheeky domination that I’m sure will always appeal to the dads. The character actors get nice quirks as well.

I love it. Some relative’s kids were to be delivered to the house so we could baby-sit and this was the film of choice to keep them occupied. I sat through the whole thing, from Poppins in the cloud to Poppins back in the sky and it finished as the kids car pulled up. We watched it again.

Get out the sherry, put your feet up and watch it again. Just do it. Then put it in the collection for next time. Or wait for it at Christmas.

Keep DVD?

It would need to have extras like the bit where Dick swears or the off-camera moment where Julie is swigging Whisky from the bottle and the kids are doing joints.

Watch if on TV?

Yes, most of the time.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?

Marry? I should cocoa!


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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