Bat 21

Year Released: 1988

Main Stars:Gene Hackman, Danny Glover

Last watched: December 2011

Review Date: December 2011

Number Watches:  2

“They want you in ops right away, sir.”

Oh, dear, Gene, why did you do this? Perhaps the script read grittier that it ended up. Anyway, there is no particular need for a star in this one. There’s nothing to do except run around or, in Danny’s case, sit and shout. Gene has a few moments where he can share his immensely powerful acting with us but it’s lost in the neat jungle.

Sitting around in a cockpit for hours talking to a mike, you can see that Danny is actually in a plane so there is at least a feeling of the event going on but really I didn’t get any sense of drama or, indeed, interest. I don’t care if it was based on a real story or not, it’s still dull.

Nowadays, we could expect a rough edged, snot nosed kid to direct this into the ground with realism. Gene would be covering himself in mud and piss to hide from the bad guys and could possibly even kak himself a couple of times before getting out of there. I bet he’d eat some rotting animal as well to show how difficult it would have been. Oh, yeah, a modern version would be much less tame and washed. Lighting is too good to feel realistic and the direction isnt edgy enough. MFTV, totes defo. (Made For TV. Totally. Defo.)

There are a lot of behind-the-lines shows out there and this doesnt match them on any level.

Danny looks well fit though. I mean, just saying. Six pack is showing and everything.

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