The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Year Released: 2011

Main Stars: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara (be seeing more of her), Christopher Plummer, various swedish looking chaps you will have seen and one very English chap who has very little to do.

Last watched: January 2012

Review Date: January 2012

Number Watches:  1


“Don’t move, I’ve never done this before.”

“Can I kill him?”


That bit at the beginning of the film that shows the initial titles – totally incredible shit right there! Geez! It’s like James Bond meets Texaco meets Cyberpunk! I have to admit to being so overawed by these that I didnt give out much hope for anything to meet expectations.

But as soon as the real film began I forgot the titles and was engrossed. I don’t have any reason why. It’s not an engrossing start, there aren’t any chases or explosions. Perhaps the mystique of the PR got to me or maybe having watched the first version I was intently looking for comparisons? No idea. I’d love to find out what others felt about the opening.

The wife read the books then we watched the original about two weeks before this one. Comparison is that this one is much better, apparently very like the books, and certainly much more smoothly finished but with a remarkably similar looking cast.

Here we see a well put together rendering that doesnt skip on the gore or nasty. Craig and the girl are particularly well cast but let’s not forget that the rest of the front of screen crew are going to be in the next movie as well so perhaps a few are being held back until they can shine next time.

I’ll say this, it’s a film that’s given back to me faith in going to the cinema. For a while there I was going to buy DVDs only and save the huge price of the tickets – and come on, it really is expensive – with the exception being for big scifi epics that give out kabooms and unreal fantasy scenery you have to see in mega-sized screens.

I’d say this is one to watch. You don’t need to read the books or watch any other version, this one stands on it’s own with the exception of the embezelment bits at the end that take a long time and don’t seem overly important unless you know the story. That’s the obvious lead there into the rest of the films, so I’m told. If you can just let it all happen you’ll have still seen a good movie.


Keep DVD?

Watch if on TV?

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Marry but might divorce later. I’d need to see it again. I’d certainly not drag it down to the cellar and do horrible things to it… just saying.


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