Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Year Released: 2007
Main Stars: Johnny Depp, Keira Knightly, Orlando Bloom, Bill Nighy, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport
Last watched: December 2017
Review Date: January 2012
Number Watches: 4 or 5

“It’s not getting to the land of the dead that’s the problem, it’s getting baaak.”

“Take what you can, give nothing back!”

Big sets, big explosions, big characters and a big cast. This is one of those doozies. The one’s you don’t want to like but get hauled into whenever you see a flash of steel or a barnacle encrusted mainsle.

Wonderful and maybe even more fantastic that expected. However, that only lasts as long as the intro, which, it has to be said, takes a very long time to complete. When Jack gets seen, the intro is over.

Every cast member is right for the roles and it would be difficult to think of anyone else doing those characters. Johnny and Orlando certainly transcend their other roles – remember Legolas? Me neither when I watch this.

Yeah, it’s good fun. I watched it in the movies and didn’t think much of it but now, having seen it a couple of other times, I’m pleasantly taken in by the charm and luxury of the whole world Jack lives in.

Update: December 2017: it’s good fun but the bit with dead-Jack is still a luxury they should have cut out. Really slows things down. It’s not as good as the first but has an undeniable charm from the way the well-trod characters to the very high production standards – quality of details and effects that would be breath-taking if you weren’t so engrossed in the world therein.

(“Therein” ? Really, me??… sorry)

Keep DVD?
Yes. A bit. Sort of. I think so. For Christmas. With the box set.
Watch if on TV?
Yes. Probably. I have.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog, me hearties! No Rum required but always accepted!


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