The Girl Who Played With Fire (Flickan som lekte med elden)

Year Released: 2009

Main Stars: Had to look these guys up: Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace

Last watched: January 2012

Review Date: January 2012

Number Watches: 1

The wife read the books and insisted we get the films but having watched the first one I had no great expectations for this one. I was wrong to doubt it.

This is a polished, well directed and filmed body of work and my inclination is to continually compare it to the first one and say that this is Belgian chocolate to the previous cooking chocolate. But my own rule is to concentrate on a film for itself so here goes.

I like it. Film quality and camera work is solid with a few exceptions when the handheld is being used and I feel that the lighting is a bit too bland, maybe TV like. Noomi is absolutely excellent. Even the bits where she’s starkers is more about her character than some gratuitous flashes. Honestly. I know! It’s not like me at all but watch it and see if you think anything is extraneous to the film, I dare you. Michael is good too although he seems to be a bit dull sometimes. Perhaps I want him to be a bit more passionate, I’m not sure.There’s also a big guy here and I like him. Especially when he wears the arran sweater. Aw, the big lumux!

Overall, a very intriguing story but it ends slowly as if the lead in to another one. What was that, skippy? There IS another one to come? Gosh! I better go watch that as well!


Keep DVD?

Yes and this surprises me after the last one so guess I’d need the box set.

Watch if on TV?


Snog, Marry, Avoid?



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