Captain America – The First Avenger

Year Released: 2011
Main Stars: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell
Last watched: September 2016
Review Date: February 2012 / September 2016
Number Watches: 2

Small guy becomes a big guy. America wins everything. Red Skull is well done though.

Dull, nothing happens. If it wasn’t for the Cap being in there there would be no point. Have you ever seen a more obvious set up for another movie?

REVISTED September 2016: Ok, yes, it’s all American. But this time around I’ve seen all the other Marvel movies and perhaps I’m a bit more receptive to the Cap. I mean, he’s never been my favourite so it has to be about the movie and as a drama, there’s a certain quality I now accept. So what I’m saying is that I kinda found it, you know, ok…this time. Grudgingly. However it’s definitely a set up for the next one and it’s not so much a superhero movie as you might expect so you need to go into it with less expectation. I think that’s the difference for me this time or perhaps I’m now accepting Marvel movies too much…hmm. I need to watch out for that. Also I now fancy Hayley. Agent Carter did that for me so her part in this is just AWESOME! I mean, get rid of the rest, just get Hayley kicking ass in an Agent Carter movie! COME ON, MARVEL! GET WITH IT!!!!

Keep DVD?
Revised to… still no.
Watch if on TV?
For a laugh if it was on,wouldn’t give up the cartoons for it though.
Revised to Yes.Mainly for Hayley.
Hug, Snog, Marry, Avoid?
revised from Avoid to Snog. Especially Hayley. Oh, yes. Nom, nom, nom.


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