Being Accused of Emotions

Don’t you just hate it when people accuse you of emotions? I mean like when something has happened and someone, possibly someone you trusted up to that point, makes an effort to happily proclaim you are, e.g. angry about it, stressing over it, happy because of it, panicked by it (panicked? really? yes, that happened to me once when I called someone to say I couldn’t meet them that afternoon. You know what I did instead in my oh-so-obviously-panicked mood? I went up a hill with my other half because it was a sunny day. Don’t remember being anything other than happy I wasn’t wasting my time in doors or in a pub.)

It’s like there’s a free-reign on accusing people of things as long as you can make it seem throw-away.

Perhaps these people should think about the rumours they spread and the undermining of personal lives that it causes when telling others about these moments of extreme emotion that don’t even exist.


If anyone calls me angry one more time I’m gonna thump them.


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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