Year Released: 2010

Main Stars: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler,  Linda Cardellini

Last watched: February 2012

Review Date: February 2012

Number Watches: 1

“Shut up, crime!”

A cheaply made film with lots of hand held camera work. Normally, I hate hand held camera work. In this case, because it all looks cheap and fun, I can deal with all the hand held camera work. At least there isnt that annoying jiggle they put in deliberately to make it look like voyerism.

I thought this would be slick and full of belly laughs but it isnt. In fact at many times it’s very disturbing. There’s a level of realism that I can believe exists in American society and, to a great extent although with different weopons, in other countries. That in itself is scary but put together with the feeling of wanting to laugh and enjoy black humour and yet waiting for the next OTT gore scene – I found it too disjoint to be either one thing or the other.

Mind you, there are enough big names here and their performances are good. No one looks like they signed to do a turkey. A cameo by the beautiful Linda Cardellini might be overlooked but she has one of the most interesting faces there is so I had to find out her name…. yeah, to be honest, I hadn’t a clue who she was but she looked good enough to google.

So what’s wrong? Well, it’s a combination of the script – perhaps trying to be both funny and docu-violent, with a hint of wacky-social-statement, was just not a good mix. And then there’s the point of it. There isn’t one. It’s like eating a biscuit with a chocolate centre and finding out there was no chocolate centre. No pay off. Does every film need one of these? Well, yeah. I’m not looking for flowers bursting forth and the whole cast laughing and skipping hand-in-hand into the distance, I just mean there should be some motion towards stopping the story. Films, books, plays, songs – these are all windows on special events, that’s why we don’t get a 2 hour piece about someone answering phones all day where they give the right answer and the peeps on the end of the line go away happy. What would be the point? Super has no end and looks like the madness is not finished with. And no, I don’t think that is a good enough point to make here. It’s not that good a film to try for such a profound ending.

The build up and the idea are fine but the execution – no pun intended – could have been better. Not more polished, just with a better plot direction.


Keep DVD?


Watch if on TV?

Yes /no. I admit, I’m still a little intrigued so might watch again once more.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?



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