Ginger Snaps

Year Released: 2000

Main Stars: Katharine Isabelle, Emily Perkins, Mimi Rogers

Last watched: April 2012

Review Date: April 2012

Number Watches: 1

A cool combination of good acting and direction but an empty everything else. Watch it for Katherine’s body and Emily’s performance. Katherine is good too but it’s noticably not about her even though, being the bad, scary creature, she kinda is the most imposing character….look, it’s complicated, just like a teenager’s life, and that particular metaphor is very obvious throughout the film – puberty / the curse / monsters. The good thing is that nothing is thrown in your face. If you want to draw lines between that kind of arty-farty stuff then you can but really it’s about following these two, Ginger and Be, and watching how they deal with the problems. And the bodies!

It’s a dry film with only a passing nod to American college/school life and there’s a point about the accepted disfunctional behaviour, notably from teenage kids to their families and to each other, but apart from that it’s a black humour kinda thing that would totally beat-up Twilight and kick it’s ass for good measure.

Effects are good. Oh, yes they are. (oh, no they’re not!) Ok, maybe functional and obvious but that’s ok. Not much else to say really. The script is a bit like something from a college project.

Anyway, Katherine has a great bod.

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