Year Released: 2007

Main Stars: Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf, Hugo Weaving as a voice, the cast of a cartoon with one of the best lines in known history “Transformers, robots in disguise!”

Last watched: April 2012

Review Date: April 2012

Number Watches: 3

I like it. Take your brains out, get the drink on and prepare to see the same stuff again and again. Fun with loads of action and enough innocent sex to keep your eyes open.

It’s one of those ‘first’ movies, you know the ones that are very obviously the start of a franchise. And it works well. Really amazing effects as the robots are pummelling everything in sight. try to see the joins, I dare you.

The great thing about the robot fights is that there is a huge amount of unseen carnage. Just watch as Optimus and Megatron go through – all the way through! – an office block. You telling me there were any survivers on that floor?? It’s a slaughter! None of which you see except Megatron’s small flick of a person against a car and even then you don’t see a result. Can’t imagine the city being happy with the wasted fiscal area and it’s inevitible traffic chaos for months after.

And the Megan-tron. What more can I say. She carries off the covered-in-dirt look really well. Shia is a good innocent as well, carried along by circumstance. But he isn’t what you watch this for.

Fun with some stupid characters to compliment the ridiculous premise – Section 7? Puh-lease. See it and smile.

Keep DVD?
Possibly for Christmas, you know? When the weather is rubbish and you just want to vegetate with the telly on.

Watch if on TV?
A bit. Mostly for Megan and the robots.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Want to say avoid but feel Snog would be more likely as I get into old age and quite like glossy things with no brains.


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