Year Released: 2003

Main Stars: Kate Beckinsdale, Bill Nighy, Micheal Sheen (gets everywhere, don’t he?!!)

Last watched: March 2012

Review Date: April 2012

Number Watches: 2

You’d think on paper it would be good. (You probably know by that line that it’s not my fave.) Kate in tight, black basque with leather and lycra being a Vampire with girl power and playing against a lot of werewolves.

But it never got as good as the description. The vampires are too dull and the werewolves are too thug-like. Kate isnt sexy enough, maybe it’s the lighting. There isn’t anywhere near as good a plot as Blade and certainly not as stylish. Whoever thought Bill could be the head vamp is just not a good judge of character actors. Bill is a great actor but he isnt good at fight scenes. Mind you, the werewolf was pretty woeful as well. In all, there was a lot of disappointment for me as I waited for the main guts to emerge, no pun intended.

Kate was better in one of the other ones, I think it was Rise of the Lycans, but here it seems to be a small film with a big budget. ‘Could do better.’

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