Knight and Day

Year Released: 2010
Main Stars: Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz
Last watched:
April 2012
Review Date: April 2012
Number Watches: 1

Was this any good? Let my other half tell you her thoughts…

Ok, so this was stuck on as a ‘let’s watch a film tonight’ job. To be honest I wasn’t really expecting too much from it as I’m not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, but – and maybe because I had a kind of ‘meh’ feeling towards it – I actually enjoyed it. There are loads of special effects etc and the storyline is a bit silly but everything rolls along quickly so you don’t really bother about it. The characters, in particular Cameron’s, are likeable and seem to have good on-screen chemistry so the humour between them works well.

This film got panned when it came out and I’m not terribly sure why. Were the critics expecting another Mission Impossible? I don’t think TC’s acting was any more wooden than any of his previous films. However I think they nailed it getting Cameron Diaz to co-star. I think her acting style and comedy timing was ideal for this film, and I don’t think it would have worked as well with another actress in it.  It’s bubblegum but with a bit of action, a bit of snogging, Cameron being ditzy, Tom being action man, guns, baddies, and a bit of a European sight-seeing thrown in for good measure. Not bad at all for a standard length film with a barely plausible plotline, but it’s fun – and let’s face it – that’s never a bad thing!

Keep DVD?
No. Without me.
Watch if on TV?
With me.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog on island in a bikini. 


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