Year Released: 1985
Main Stars: Josh Brolin, Sean Aston, tons of guys you’d recognise but not know the names of like Jonathan Ke Quan.
Last watched: May 2012
Review Date: May 2012
Number Watches: 1

“One Eyed Willie!”

“That’s all over the second we ride up Troy’s bucket.”

I had to tape this from TV, there have been so many people talk about this for so many years I figure there’s no excuse to miss it.

But, for the love of all things everywhere – the first half is all unbearable noise! From the start there isn’t a moment to think about what’s happening. I actually enjoyed the relative quiet of the adverts. Those bloody kids just won’t shut up! Always shouting as well. I can’t think what a nightmare it must have been to film.

Ok, getting past that, it’s a kids movie. Yeah, yeah, that’s obvious but I thought maybe there was some adult humour – not porn or anything, just some stuff for those with more than marbles and trainers on their brains. Nah, all kids stuff with the possible exception of ‘One Eyed Willie’….

No probs seeing what the director was wanting to do either. Loads of kids being kids with strange imaginations and so hyper that none of them actually wait to hear what the others say. Problem is that the frantics are too frantic. The dialog is awful. The interaction between the gang, although they obviously had fun on set, is too mad. Maybe if I’d watch it when I was 16 I’d have had more fun but even so, today there are a lot better kids films.

Second half is more useful but then it has more gimmicks like the water shoot and of course the ship. Shame the music is amateurish and doesn’t help.

Anyway, Indiana Jones with too many small people. Interestingly, Johnathan also played Short Stop in Temple of Doom the year before. Fun to see old man Josh and  Frodo’s best buddy when they were young. But I was wrong. I didn’t need to see this.

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