Quantum Of Solace

Year Released: 2008
Main Stars:Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Olga Kurylenko
Last watched: June 2012
Number Watches: 2

” I never left.”

James Bond. Just like Dr Who, you will have your favourite and memories of the film that really made him your very own hero. If not then you haven’t watched any JB film yet and you need to get the set! Some are for Kiddies – Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan – and some are not. Daniel is not for kids. He’s been instrumental in the back-to-basics revival and he is very, very physical. Girls who watch him will have their own definition of what that means but I refer to the straight forward violence.

In QoS this bish-bash-bosh stuff is exactly right. Not a secret agent, more of a big missle but then, Bond was never that ‘secret,’ was he?? Here, Daniel wears a suit nearly all the time and is totally convincing as the sturdy, in control, focused agent who will – WILL – get what he needs to get. The new look Bond has almost no gadgets and although there are sexy girls, it’s not as misogynistic. All of which adds to the modern, fresh Bond who has – drum roll, please – feelings. Subtle mental ones, not in his rock solid body of course. No wincing over a couple of bruises for this guy.

Filmed exquisitly in the exclusive parts of the world you’d expect James to inhabit and with action sequences that get your heart racing, dragging you in, it would have been perfect for 3D. Locations, wardrobes, stunts and computer effects are wonderful. I saw evidence of  a couple of computer bits but they weren’t dwelled on and I think it takes a second viewing to be aware of them.

Judi and Olga also show their worth. The hard but soft Olga is believable with a nice emotional scene near the end and Judi shows her skills as the woman who is also a hard nosed boss compromised and fighting in both the politcal arena as well as with her radical new agent. She’s convinced me that M should be female.

I watched this in the picture house when it came out and was disappointed. I watched it today and can’t find any fault with it. Why the change? Have I become more angry in old age?? Do I seek an outlet for my own rage and so take solace from the silver screen? Dunno. All I know is that this is, like it’s predesessor, not the same Bond as Roger, Sean, et al, but is their equal and exactly right as a Bond show. Make your own mind up about what you like but I’d advise you to take this as the film it is. Don’t think Bond movie, think film. And as a film, this is classy production. You might like it as a story, you might not, but you can’t fault the quality.

Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Marry then fight then get covered in black oil and die. Hmmm, why did I say that??

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