First Strike

Year Released: 1996
Main Stars: Jackie Chan, Jackson Liu, Annie Wu
Last watched:
June 2012
Review Date: June 2012
Number Watches: 4
Format Watched: TV

Here we have the Jackie version of James Bond with humour, stunts, proper fights and, of course, Jackie.

Jackie goes all over the world in the space of a single movie accompanied by a proper soundtrack for once, not just plinky-plinky sounds like usual. He and some of the cast speak their own lines in English a lot of the time but there’s still a lot of that mouth-moving-but-words-don’t-fit. Having said that, he voice-dubs over his own lines in English.

It’s good to see the rest of the cast are more like serious actors than usual and that the plot has some depth to it but it’s not going to win any awards for best script. Mind you, in this one the stunts include the snow scene, the stilts and one of my top  five fight scenes – it’s the one with the ladder!

I’d like to know where all the heavies are hired for Jackie’s baddies – seems there’s at least two of them in every film and this one is no exception. Makes me wonder if he hires from the local big-guy clubs. Speed of the fights with his own stunt crew are incredible, it’s heart thumping stuff and the film’s worth watching if only for that. Camera work is good but there’s still something about the direction that’s not quite as good as it might be. Not sure what that is but there are certainly some rough edges that could have been smoothed out.

A good, fun film that flounders in places but it well worth the watch for Jackie fans and others alike but perhaps a little bit B movie around the edges.

Keep DVD?
Yes but for the extras more than the film.
Watch if on TV?
I do but not every time.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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