Armour of God

Year Released: 1986
Main Stars: Jackie Chan
Last watched: June 2012
Review Date: June 2012
Number Watches: 3

I’ve watched this in part a lot of times but don’t think I’ve ever really paid attention. This is the first Jackie Chan movie I ever saw on late night TV when they were trialling these ‘foreign’ films. It was an eye opener and I’ve never looked back. But that doesn’t make it much better than any other.

Problems are dubbing, script, overly dramatic acting and strange change plot twists. As counter point to that we have Jackie, stunts and for the first time since watching it, I noticed that if you ignore the bad voice over and music, there is some real heart to Jackie’s performance. I mean it, he has a lot of real acting skills that are lost in the mess.

This one is where he got his skull opened up and is why he now has a plate up there. Also some cool fights with monks.

Keep DVD?
Maybe, depends on extras.
Watch if on TV?
No. Need to fast forward.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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