Dr. No

Year Released: 1962
Main Stars: Sean Connery, Ursula Andreas, Jack Lord – the top cheese from Hawaii 5-0, Lois Maxwell, Bernard Lee, No Q!!
Last watched: August 2012
Review Date: August 2012
Number Watches: 3? 4? so many times for every 007 movie.

“Bond. James Bond.”

We got a box set of all of Sean’s 007 movies and started at the beginning. It’s all digitally remastered but unless I see side-by-side then I never notice these things.

Loads of iconic stuff going on here. Obviously at the time these would be new but years on you can picture some scenes as adverts or sketch shows which is a little off putting. However, you can’t take anything away from Sean – he carries it all so well and without him this might have been a bit of a long trek. One aspect that has never lost it’s shine for me is the aspect of Bond that gets hidden until Daniel Craig, the fact that he is a cold blooded killer. Here we see a certain darkness that might have added interest and charisma.

There isn’t much of the modern movie here. No great explosions, no gadgets. (honestly, there are NO gadgets unless you count a Gieger counter! Maybe this should have been called Dr No Q!) Some of the scenes are definately showing off an exotic location that we kinda take for granted now-a-days and the cinematography can be startlingly good – note the framing of Ursula coming out the sea. Dialog and acting are fun enough but I kept looking at Kingston in the 60’s and wondering how much of that is swamped in housing and tourism now.

Anyway, the film is one I would watch again, probably something to do with the power of Sean and the idea of James Bond more than the script or plot. A spider on glass and a few continuity issues are part of the fun here and I just accepted them.

Getting my way through the extras at the moment and although I don’t rate films by these, it should be interesting.

If you want to watch Bond then you have to watch Dr No so there’s no point taking it on it’s own. If you have it, put it on and samba!

Keep DVD?
I will
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog. James Snog.


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