Couples Retreat

Year Released: 2009
Main Stars: Vince Vaughn, Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, Jean Reno (It’s Leon! Yeah!), Jason Bateman, Peter Seroveratichowad (try again) Peter Serafinowicz (phew)
Last watched: October 2012
Review Date: October 2012
Number Watches: 1


A fantasy island retreat on a tropical island with constant views of loads of fit people in next to nothing.

Sorry, I was lost for a moment there. The location is awesome, that’s undeniable. The water is crystal clear and there’s even a hedonistic quality to the sand on the beaches. It’s paradise.
The film, not so much. I mean it’s got charm, some laughs and Kristen (Forgetting Sarah Marshall will always come to mind here) is sex on legs. Malin (is that not a fish?) is beautiful and these two alone would make it worth watching but Vince is charming and the other guys and girls are nicely cast. It’s just that, well, there isn’t enough charisma. There’s a kind of forced notion that these people care / don’t care about each other. It’s also very obvious. Jean and Peter aren’t quirky enough. The camera lingers on Vince too much and it’s like this is a sort of Hangover style movie but with a complex relationship thing going on.

It’s not fun enough. Shame, since the girls and island are begging for a ‘lost in the jungle’ sub plot or some war vet who thinks it’s still going on and hides in the waterfall – like Nick Nolte !- popping up and having to be chased by the staff. You see? I can come up with a fun addition within the time it takes to write these lines so why were we stuck with the linear story line?

Can’t fault the production quality. Well, maybe it looks like a TV episode quite a lot – is that production?

Kirsten, Malin, Bora Bora – oh, yes. Everything else was just pleasant.

Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?
For the girls and to wish I was able to go to Bora Bora…not for the film.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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