Monster House

Year Released: 2006
Main Stars: Steve Buscemi, a bunch of unknowns and a lot of bit parts from famous people.
Last watched: October 2012
Review Date: October2012
Number Watches: 1

Ok, it’s a cartoon that’s not been done by the big cartoon names and it isn’t quite as good as they do it.

But… if you persevere, you can easily get swept into it due to, well, I don’t really know what. Probably the writing more than anything since the characters don’t look particularly inviting. Animation is a little off, timing isn’t great. But, you know, I couldn’t switch over.

Then you get to the house. Wow. That’s where the fun is. So well done.

I’d watch it again. Certainly a good kids movie but also adult enough to be fun for everyone.


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