Year Released: 1994
Main Stars: Kurt Russell, James Spader
Last watched: October 2012
Review Date: October 2012
Number Watches: 3

“The seventh symbol. We’re going home”

Some things are built to last. This is one of those things. Oh, don’t go thinking we have an absolute classic on our hands here, much more like a bank holiday actioner, but there’s a surprising quality that adds presence to Stargate and makes for an easy second and third viewing.

The sets are well done in the old fashioned, built-for-real way. Obviously there’s some effects but for the most part we see solid acting- as much as you get in an action movie – we get swirling, epic music and a lot of well directed camera work that concentrates on story more than where the money went.

A few shmaltsy points don’t dampen the mood and even the reflections of the entire film crew in the soldiers sunglasses can’t chip much away from what is as good a show now as it was 18 years ago. Makes you wonder why they haven’t improved on it. Mind you, the ending is predictable. Very predictable.

Anyway, enough of the back-patting. Is it worth putting in the hours? I think so. Kurt puts in very nice, relaxed performance and James fits the bill well right. Not too much depth to anyone but I’m ok with that. Nice bit of fun.


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