The American

Year Released: 2005
Main Stars: George Clooney
Last watched: September 2016
Review Date: November 2012
Number Watches: 2

Not a fan of George. Always thought he acts the same way in everything. Mind you, that can sometimes be good if the part is right.

But here I found a George with a totally different feel to him. Lean, mean, suspicious….. and ordinary. No charm offensive or all-American boy, despite the title. I found myself seeing a character on screen, not George the actor.

Whole film feels French or at least mediterranean in it’s directorness type stuff. Small, badly lit alleys, risky closeups and quirky little long shots. Much better than the slick heavy-weights that bust the block in summer. I like it. A lot. Much more interesting and atmosphere driven than star-in-the-limelight.

Very well filmed, only a couple of problems with some plot points and good supporting roles from everyone. The girls are unknown to me but shine and, yes, I think they look good too. Not a fast movie, no. Don’t go thinking there’s an explosion every second or some machievelan counter move around each meeting, but it flows and kept watching, possibly for another watch some time soon.

If you like odd but not too odd and scenes that don’t need dialog but also don’t rely on action, although there are some with strange brutality, then see George do himself proud here.

UPDATE: Like it. Still the same as review above but this time I’d be ok watching it again.

Number of Watches
Keep DVD?
 I think it’s worth a second watch.
Watch if on TV?
Maybe, if the mood is right.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog but be careful to check for booby traps!


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