Super 8

Year Released: 2011
Main Stars: Steven Speilberg and J J Abrams. Ok, so there’s some kids too, mainly Joel Courtney. No, not heard of him before either.
Last watched: September 2012
Review Date: November 2012
Number Watches: 1

Kids movies with your actual kids in them don’t do much for me. I’m not really into all that cutsesy stuff and Goonies isn’t on my good films list. Having said all that, Super 8 turned out to be a god film, albeit a bit lighter than I’d have liked.

Obvious Speilberg filming. I was surprised that he didn’t direct it. Look out for his signature ‘my view of the world as a kid in the suburbs’ technique.

Quality of film – hey, of course it’s great. It’s the master and a young disciple in the driving seats behind the camera.
Plot – suspect. Acting is good enough, the younger actors fit the bill well although you can see the ‘type’ of characters have been forced in, as if as an after thought to make the movie watchable. A podgy one, clever but nervous one, the one who acts tough but isn’t really and then there’s the quiet, main star who gets the girl by being nice to her and then together they save the day. The end was mostly obvious and you could have put money on knowing where everyone was going to fit in with the story.

I went into this thinking it was going to be a kind of horror – my bad for not researching it but I’m never keen to know too much about a film if I’m getting it for less than a ten spot – and about 30 mins into the beginning I wondered if it was going to be too much of a famous five story for me to stay away. However, once the train crashed the whole thing opened up and reeled me in so that I enjoyed the rest.

This is a sight on the bus tour of Steven Speilbergland that’s worth a visit or two but I didn’t feel the need to buy any postcards.

Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog a bit. Maybe under mistletoe.


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