Henry of Navarre

Year Released: 2009 (?)
Main Stars: Julien Boisselier, Armelle Deutsch, Ulrich Noethen
Last watched: November 2012
Review Date: November 2012
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

Rubbish. Or at least should have been editted. I tried so hard to like the rugged, down to earthness the production company have tried so hard to instil but there was so much time taken by useless script and, in the case of Ulrich, massive over acting, that the importance of the characters was thrown out the window. Fights seemed like little skirmishes which is a shame since the sets and constumes are fantastic. The sex scenes were good and mostly relevent as they established the turbulent and passionate relationships. Was there enough to keep it going for 2.5 hours? Big no from me. Yes from my wife.

I found it more like a lengthy enactment for a documentary rather than a film. It seems to last longer than the historic events covered! Henry was a very good king and should have provided a brilliant story. C’est possible that the two-parter mini-series this was originally filmed as would would have been more palatable with a split to allow a recoup of interest.

The day after, I remembered some historic facts from the film (at least I assume they were correct) so not a complete loss but not what I would call an enjoyable night in.

DVD extras: Tiny amounts and a bit rubbish.

Keep?  No.
Watch if on TV? No.
Snog, Marry, Avoid? Avoid.


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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