Fright Night

Year Released: 2011
Main Stars: Colin Farrell, David Tennent, Anton Yelchin
Last watched: December 2012
Review Date: December 2012
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

Colin Farrell? A vampire? This should be funny.

Yes, certainly there is comedy in the script but that’s one of the things – it’s in the script and not due to the acting or actors. I like it. Not perfect and has a different feel to the original but still fun.

Colin’s accent is perfect and he actually scores some quirky menace that I’d had him pegged to be unable to carry off. There’s me told. David shines in the little he has to do and Anton’s girlfriend is a stunner. Anton and his mum, however, though good enough, just don’t draw attention, even though Anton is really the main man here. Makes the whole thing a little empty for me. Even the computerised effects are a little obvious at times so a few points off for that.

Overall I’d still watch it again. This is a fun little thing with good writting and actors that obviously got along. Helps that one point made my wife jump in her seat so much she dropped stuff on the floor and we laughed for a long time afterwards. That’s always gonna help!

DVD Extras: Bloopers, some extra scenes. Not much.

Keep DVD?
Yes, strangely I’d watch this again. Makes me want to get the original as well and relive it.
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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